2015: ‘Battle’ brings student artists to LollaPLUza

By Brooke Thames

Sharing the stage with LollaPLUza’s array of class acts will be some of Pacific Lutheran University’s own finest musicians. Lutes gathered last week to watch student artists go head-to-head for the chance to perform at PLU’s annual music festival.

Students met in the Cave April 9 to cast their votes to determine which student acts will play for their peers at this year’s LollaPLUza concert festival. Sponsored by ASPLU and LASR, this year’s Battle of the Bands gave student artists 322 Jazz Collective, Asia B. Wolfe, Ruthie Kovanen and Samuel Ryan the chance to compete for a spot on the LollaPLUza stage.

“[LollaPLUza] is definitely a student event and we want to incorporate as many of our student acts as possible,” said Morgan Woods, ASPLU’s Traditional Events Planner. “Since we have such a huge music program, there’s tons of people all over campus [who play music].”

At Battle of the Bands, students voted to produce two groups that will be featured at LollaPLUza.

The first place winner(s) of will be featured on Lolla’s main stage while the runner up(s) will perform on the smaller B stage.

Initial voting resulted in a tie between student band 322 Jazz Collective and solo act Asia B. Wolffe. After a tie-breaking “scream-off”, Wolffe was crowned the first-place winner.

As the runner up, 322 Jazz Collective will also get the chance to play on Lolla’s B stage.

“I’m just happy we got the chance to play,” 322 guitarist and sophomore Elliott Turner said.

LollaPLUza is the ASPLU-funded music festival held May 9 at the old golf course. Other artists performing include Seattle-based rapper Sol, PLU favorite Lemolo and more. The entire lineup is available on Mast Media at http://mastmedia.plu.edu/2015/04/10/lollapluza-lineup-announced/.


Check out Asia’s interview in News @ Nine about winning Battle of the Bands. 


This story was originally posted on Mast Media.

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