2015: Sol

Do you miss Sol already? No worries! Take a break from deadweek and check out this exclusive we got before his performance at LollaPLUza. We talked about his home, his hobbies and his musical influences. Check it out:


Sol Moravia-Rosenberg performed at LollaPLUza 2015 on May 9 along with Dude York, Lemolo and THE FAME RIOT. Sol – pronounced like “Saul” –  took shelter from the sun and the fans before his performance in the upper level of PLU’s Tahoma Bakery.

With one security guard outside the dressing room, we tried to look as professional as possible because we didn’t have out backstage passes yet… Once we got by, it was time to meet Sol.

He was awesome- he introduced himself and sat, cool and calm, ready for an interview.

We joked about the earlier interview I had with THE FAME RIOT where we talked about sushi-burritos, I joked about asking him his favorite color and he advised me that it would be a boring answer.

Sol, a hip-hop artists based in Seattle, heard about LollaPLUza through his friend Macklemore. After Morgan Woods, the PLUza coordinator, reached out to him, he said he was more than excited to come because Macklemore talked about it.

“I’ve wanted to play LollaPLUza for a while now,” Sol said. “I’m friends with Macklemore and he played it a few years ago and I remember a little seed being planted saying I want to play that- when the time is right.”

Sol grew up listening to, and being inspired by hip-hop. He used it to express himself growing up and he used it to connect with people (along with food, he admitted).

When asked about his musical influences, he gives Outkast a lot of credit.

“Their production has a lot of live base, live horn and life music,” Sol said. “I don’t sample that much and I work with a lot of live musicians. Because of that, I think my sound is always evolving.”

On Saturday, Sol played with a live bassist and a live drummer.

Then I tried to get to know him. I wanted to know all of his favorite things.

Favorite concert: Bumbershoot 2011, he was the first performer for the entire weekend at 12. All of his friends and family came, his Aunt came from Haiti and watched even though he never thought she’d get to see him perform.

“They all came on stage and we danced,” Sol said. “It was one of the most beautiful days of my life.”

Favorite thing to do that wasn’t music: Eat. He loves food. His two favorites are Sushi and Tacos – or, as we talked about earlier, combine them! “Sushi-Tacos” he joked.

You could tell he was excited. Sol couldn’t wait to get in front of the crowd. He wanted to be in the sun, meet fans – whom he took tons of pictures with after – and ride the mechanical bull with his band mates.

When he finally got on stage, at 5 p.m. the field was full, students were screaming and everyone was singing along. I was trying to take pictures, while singing, while dancing, and in the end, he ushered me on stage to take one final picture. With out a doubt, it was a great performance.

Our one final picture:




Original Post:

Pronounced like “Saul” and known by his fans as Solzilla, Seattle-native Sol Moravia-Rosenberg was described by The Seattle Times in 2013 as “the next Macklemore.” Hip-hop magazine XXL identified him as a “budding MC to keep your eye on.” Sol’s musical style is reminiscent of Macklemore (who was also a LollaPLUza performer) — a mix of pop and rap with socially-conscious messages tied together by a plethora of synth and guitar.

Check him out on Spotify, here.

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