Start Preparing: PLUza Happiness Kits

Check out some expert advice from veteran LollaPLUza goers:

allie quotable

“I wish I had brought a portable charger for my phone. I was having a lot of fun taking pictures and posting them on social media that my phone lost its battery faster than usual!”

Allie Reynolds, Senior LollaPLUza goer

Evan Quotable

“Bring water! Especially since it’s on the golf course and it’s no longer right next to the UC.”

Evan Heringer, Junior LollaPLUza goer

Note: Beverages are not allowed in LollaPLUza, but you can bring an empty water bottle to refill at the event! 

gailon quotable“Um… sunglasses. I would suggest everyone bring sunglasses.”

Gailon Wixson, Senior LollaPLUza goer


austin quotable

“Wearing a bro [tank] is a must. My first year at PLUza consisted of a bad farmers tan, which is something that I don’t want to happen again.”

Austin Hilliker, Senior LollaPLUza goer

We’ve also compiled a Pinterest board of everything you might need while attending LollaPLUza 2015. Everything from advil to flower crowns are expected, check it out:

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