2015: THE FAME RIOT: An inside look


THE FAME RIOT performed an in studio session with LASR and Mast TV, after their performance, I grabbed the duo for an interview and got to put personalities to their pop-personas.

Liz Scarlett and Shazam “Tea Time” Watkins are the lead men of THE FAME RIOT. The twin brothers have been writing music together their whole lives, but THE FAME RIOT project started in the summer of 2012. The duo used to go by Moon Juice but the URL was taken, so they switched to THE FAME RIOT.

“We really complete ourselves, we are just an inversion of eachother,” Liz said. “We get stuff done.”

The two share a clear love of music and round each other out. Shazam said he is more scattered and less logical and Liz can take all of the pieces of his thoughts and bring them together to make a song.

Liz and Shazam’s style can’t go unnoticed. They enjoy looking “insane” but also want their concert-goers to take on their own crazy styles too. THE FAME RIOT wants their audience to do three things when they come to LollaPLUza: dress insane, dance your hearts out and have a ton of fun.

“When you dress up for the show and the freaks come out,” Shazam said. “That is the most inspiring thing to me.”

THE FAME RIOT were around PLU once during PLUza and though it looked like “the fun little run” and wanted to get involved.

“We’re looking forward to the PLU LollaPLUza,” Shazam said. “There are so many different weird little areas around here. People don’t have the opportunity to see you all the time.”

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Check out the full in studio session here.

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