2015: Vroom, vroom: The trucks are coming

Music is certainly the most important part of any music festival. But let’s be honest, one of the best parts – of concerts and life – is food. LollaPLUza 2015 will not be lacking in a selection of taste-bud-satisfying, stomach-pleasing and life-completing food.

Even better –– the food is coming out of trucks. Food is always better from trucks. Read on for what’s rolling onto the golf course May 9.

UPDATE: My Newt Mini Donuts will only be serving 20 flavors of their shaved ice, not mini-donuts as originally reported.

Budha Bear Bagels

budha bagels

Are you a bagel fan? Yes? Well, Budha Bear Bagels is going to make you a super fan (like a Belieber, but with bagels). They don’t serve basic bagels, they serve gourmet bagels. Their menu says “everything is better on a bagel.” Example? Their Budha Bear Bagel Sandwich includes a “maple sausage patty, wood smoked peppered bacon, pepper jack cheese, thinly sliced avocado, seasonal chutney, mixed greens and topped with a free-ranged, fried egg.” They’re also known for some killer mac and cheese.

Learn more on their Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.45.41 AMMy Newt  Shaved Ice

Say “My Newt” out loud. It makes sense.

There’s more than 20 flavors of shaved ice. What’s not to love? Just feast MyNewtShaveIceyour eyes on this feast.

(Hint: It’s minute. As in “small.” Like their small, tiny donuts, which they serve at other locations.)

The Rolling Crust 

Does the world even go round without Pizza? The Rolling Crust describes their menu on their Facebook as “local Fresh hand made, wood fired, artisan style, authentic Neapolitan Pizza.” Just look at this beauty:

Come feast with all of us at LollaPLUza 2015, held May 9 on PLU’s Golf Course.

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