2015: Music Mood: Dude York


By Austin Miller, Lute Looks’ Music Contributer & LASR DJ
Do you like to rock out? Dude York does.

The indie punk rock trio continues to make noise in the Seattle music scene as they gain praise from the likes of Pitchfork and MTV. Intertwining loud guitar riffs inspired by rock n’ roll of days past with pop-ish lyrics, Dude York prevails in making music for anyone to jam to.

Luckily for us Lutes, Dude York is set to perform on May 9th at LollaPLUza. They will take the main stage at 4:50 PM, right before Sol performs. Expect loud music and a great time!

Check out some of Dude York’s best tunes! https://soundcloud.com/austin-miller-145/sets/dude-york


By Grace Takehara, Lute Looks’ Creator & Editor and LASR DJ
Influenced by Dude York’s heavy guitar riffs, ripped tights and walking through the city, these looks capture life’s grungy moments. Channel your inner rock with high waisted jeans, red lips, brunch socks, high heeled jelly shoes, and jorts.

music mood: dude york


Topshop white shirt
$18 – topshop.com

Topshop black shorts
$45 – topshop.com

Black shoes
$27 – newlook.com

Topshop choker necklace
$9.83 – topshop.com

Ray-Ban sunglasses
$190 – veryexclusive.co.uk

NARS Cosmetics red lipstick
$36 – liberty.co.uk

NARS Cosmetics nail polish
$23 – liberty.co.uk



Shirt: Topman, $40 // Jorts: Topman, $75 // Sunglasses: Topman, $15 // Shoes: Urban Outfitters (Vans), $52 // Socks: Urban Outfitters, $8

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