Lute Looks’ Lolla Survival Kit

By Grace Takehara, Lute Looks’ Creator and Editor

LollaPLUza is just around the corner (5 days – crazy). With a sunny day in the forecast and an afternoon full of killer music and fun activities – keep recharged with Lute Looks’ Lolla Survival Kit with advice from Sasquatch veteran and PLU senior, Courtney Volta.

When I think of music festivals I instantly think of Sasquatch, Washington State’s most popular music festival at the Gorge Amphitheater. Over Memorial Day weekend, tens of thousands of people camp and listen to some of the most creative and notable names in the music business. Courtney attended Sasquatch last year and I had to ask her about her music festival experiences and must haves.


GT: “How many years have you attended Sasquatch?”
CV: “This year will be my second year going to Sasquatch.”

GT: “Why do you enjoy music festivals?”
CV: “I love festivals because it’s a chance for people to forget real life and norms and come together with tons of other people trying to have a great time just like you. You come together in this beautiful place and for a few days it doesn’t really matter what you do, how much money you make, whether you have the newest gear, what personal issues you’ve been carrying around-It’s a chance to just connect with other people through music, community, friendship, and random adventures. It’s a really beautiful way to get to know yourself and get to know people you would never ordinarily meet and probably won’t see again, but those are the experiences that can really change you the most if you go into with that mentality.”

GT: “You’ve attended Sasquatch – what do you have to have in your festival day pack?”
CV: “A hat and/or sunscreen, and a water bottle are a must have. Also, a watch because you’ll want to make it to artist’s sets on time and you won’t (or shouldn’t ;)) have your phone to check what time it is.”

The main motto of music festivals? Happiness and community. To add to the friendly environment, Courtney likes to bring something to give to other festival attendees ~
CV: “I like to bring something I can give to people because the environment is so community/friendship oriented – like stickers, temporary tattoos, or bracelets to show my appreciation for the new friends I meet.”

When talking with Courtney, she also had a list of things NOT to bring to a festival.

CV: “On my DO NOT bring list is my phone because it really takes you away from being present and it will die anyway.”

If you are in need of photos, Courtney suggests buying a disposable camera or bringing a cheap point and shoot. Film is cooler anyways.

GT: “Finally, what are some of your favorite festival style trends?”
CV: “I think the best dressed people are the people who care the least. They’re wearing what makes THEM feel good and what makes them feel empowered and expressive. It’s all about sharing your good vibes and appreciating the good vibes of those around you.”

Bottom line – be open minded about yourself and others, leave your phone at home (live in the moment), be yourself (yes, that means dance) and get to know your fellow Lolla-goers because, “we’re all in this together“!

And with that – check out our Lolla Survival Kit, guaranteed to keep you happy and loving every moment of Lolla’s glory. ❤

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.29.59 PM

Boohoo hologram backpack / Topshop jewelry, $85 / Multicolour Celestial Temporary Tattoos, $10 / Eos lip treatment / Neutrogena sun care / SIGG Neon Punk Funky Water Bottle, Yellow /Topwell Handheld Mini Fan Super Mute AA Battery Operated Cooling Fan…

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