Loot Looks Lolla DIY: Levi’s Cutoffs

By Em G. Marty, Lute Looks Contributor

Hey hey, Em here! Here’s a follow-up to my Goodwill Outlet post earlier this week. I found an old, black pair of Levis at the Outlet and thought it’d be a great opportunity to showcase how easy and affordable it is to customize your own cut-off shorts for Lolla, music fests, summer, or whatever occasion (rock it with tights, perhaps?).


What You’ll Need

Now, I’m not much of a crafty person, but I find this DIY simple, quick, and personal.

Here’s a list of supplies that you’ll need:

  • Any pair of jeans that you’d think would be awesome to make into shorts (I recommend purchasing a pair that may be a size or two larger just in case it’s not too tight around the thighs)
  • Scissors
  • A ruler or book
  • A fabric pen or marker (optional)
  • A blade (optional)
  • Studs or other add-ons (optional)

Step 1

You will want to use your ruler or a straight surface (I used a book) to help align where you’d like to cut your jeans. I added a slight angle, but do what you find most suitable. If you’re not so sharp with cutting a straight line or want to be more precise, try using a fabric pen or marker. Pro-tip: You cannot undo a cut that is too short, so take your time and try on as you go.


Step 2

Cut across the first leg according to the line or length that you have marked.


Step 3

Fold over the recently cut side over the uncut denim leg and use that as a guide to cut the other leg so both sides are equal and accurate in length.

Step 4

If you’d like, you may cuff the shorts (as pictured with mine).

Step 5

If you’re extra fancy and want to distress your shorts, use a blade to scrape away patches of denim. And if you’re feeling especially rebellious, try using a Q-Tip and bleach to add a well-worn, summery look to the shorts.

Step 6

Lastly, throw your freshly cut denim shorts into the washer and dryer to complete the process.

And there you have it. I hope you can find some time this week to create your own personalized, DIY look for Lolla. If not, I hope to see you at our DIY event on Friday (tomorrow) at 7pm!

xx em

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