2015: Running Through the Firsts

LollaPLUza is an event that’s a must experience for a first-year. The first year at college is literally a life-changing time. As a first year, there are so many things to be apart of, classes to take, people to meet and so much fun to be had.

when PLUza happens with two weeks left of the school year, it’s an event that every Lute needs to attend. It gives students the chance to kick back, enjoy music, hang out with friends and relax before finals.

This year wasn’t just a first for the first-years, with all the changes to LollaPLUza — it moved to the golf course in addition to the presence of food trucks.


“I loved all the booths that were there. Sol was awesome. And it was just a great experience,” said first-year Hannah Walling.


“It was a lot of fun to spend all day with friends. Now I have a shared experience with the PLU community,” said first-year Gavin Jackson.


“I loved hanging out with friends and listening to music,” said first-year Marisol Navarro.

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