Q & A with The Good Husbands

How did you get into music? What has your journey in the business looked like thus far?
We have been making music for quite some time now, we are all close friends and grew up together on FridayHarbor in the San Juan Islands. Hip hop was the background music to our childhood, we came up on late 90’s and early 2000 era rap music. As our taste developed we started writing raps we would recite to each other over beats to popular songs we had heard. Eventually we started making beats of our own on early DAW programs like Fruity loops, Garageband and eventually Pro Tools. As we continued to make songs we came together on a one recording in particular that gave us the platform that I feel brought us to where we are today. That song was Ima Do me. Listening to it now its corny, I realize that but at the time it caught some people’s ears at least. I (spencer satin) made it on a cheap keyboard that I had got as a christmas present from my parents and recorded it onto my PowerPc mac computer into a Digi 002 interface Pro Tools rig. We shot a video for that with one of our group member’s brother Trent Roberts. He is now the head of the Videography department for a very successful medical tutorial company and still shoots our videos today.
After the video was finished we uploaded it to youtube mostly so that we could show friends and family. It was online for a couple months and got around 1,000 views. To us that was a lot back then, we were so excited just to receive any kind of feedback on the music, even if it was just from friends of ours. It was cool for us to see what people thought. It still is of course but back then it was really the first time we had experienced that before. Then one morning, months after the video had been uploaded I decided to check out if there were any more comments or views, see how it was doing. I had to like rub my eyes, the video had shot up to 5,000 views on youtube overnight. I remember seeing that number it was crazy to me. I saw bunches of comments and people saying stuff like, “these white boys can really rap.” I always viewed the, “white rapper” label with chagrin but at this point I didn’t care because 1,000’s of people were watching our video. I figured own it, why not?
Turns out Tyler Roberts had sent our video into an at the time small but quickly growing music blog amongst the college scene called Good Music All Day. You have to understand, at the time it was before the prevalence of streaming services like spotify. It was the period when artists like Mac Miller and Macklemore were just getting popular, music blogs were king. So for us to be posted on the same site next to huge artists that we all looked up to and to have someone writing about our music, it changed the game for us. Not only for us to be taken as more legitimate artists but we started getting offers to do shows.
Colleges, and fraternities would email us and ask us to come out and perform for their schools. We started making a little bit of money. Not a lot by any means but enough to motivate us to work harder and use that money to buy equipment, merchandise, video budgets, travel expenses to shows, it allowed us to expand. We used that to keep building, and there have been growing pains to say the least, but all this time later we are still making new music performing and trying to improve all the time. Our love for the music has never faded.
How would you describe your sound?
This question is always tough to answer because artists have the toughest time describing themselves. I would say that we have a relaxed hip hop vibe with pop and soul influences.
Have you played at colleges before? If so, what do you like about the college crowd? If not, what are you excited for?
Yes! We even did lolla in 2013. One of the best shows ever. Everyone there is accepting and down for a good time, there’s never any judgement and people are always genuine. Im excited to perform with our Live Band! We have had sets where we have maybe one or two pieces, a drummer, or a keyboard, but very rarely do we get to do a show with a full band and DJ. Should be pretty dope.
Where do you draw inspiration from? What other artists do you admire or draw influence from?
Soul music, artists we listen to, if we have a block creatively listening to artists we like always helps. Kendrick, to EDM, to Motown, slim shady, Run the jewels, outkast, anything that makes your head bob makes us want to make music or rap to it. We get jealous of other artists cool beats like, Damn it, I wish I made that!
What is the one thing you personally must have with you at a music festival?
“Wherever I go they went they my buddies”
Anything else we should know?
Come to LOLLA and be LOUD, lets get it.

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