LollaPLUza 2016

Pacific Lutheran University’s annual music festival LollaPLUza will return May 7, 2016 featuring several Seattle and Tacoma-native bands ranging from garage music to hip hop to soul. Come to PLU’s golf course from 1-7 p.m. and join campus for a day of music, games, food and fun.

Check out this year’s lineup:


Pickwick’s unique brand of “Garage R&B” has catapulted them into the limelight of Seattle’s indie-rock scene. They’ve finished recording the follow-up album to their 2014 album “Can’t Talk Medicine.” The Vancouver Sun calls Pickwick a “good, honest shot in the arm” for the bluesey rock n’ soul style popularized by The Black Keys.



Dave B.

Dave BSeattle hip-hop artist and producer Dave B. comes to LollPLUza this year, fresh off his 2015 EP “Punch Drunk.” Punch Drunk is rife with unique beats and layered lyrics. gives his latest single, “Olive Oil,” a “HOTTTTT” rating from editors, and a “VERY HOTTTTT” user rating. His beats are playful, his voice is bold, and his wisdom is unparalleled.

“‘Olive Oil’ is my audio ode, showing appreciation to all of the pretty girls with melanin, rocking their fly natural hair,” Dave B. told

Prom Queen

prom queen


The Stranger calls Prom Queen (or Celene Ramadan and her band) “more than simply songs, it’s a larger-than-life throwback of lavish camp and swoopy eyeliner.” Their music combines elements of surf rock with spaghetti-western and what they call “60s cinematic rock.”







NAVVIFrom their soundcloud: “NAVVI is the experimental electro-pop project formed by Kristin Henry and Brad Boettger. The Seattle duo blends pop melodies with darker, looming beats and production.” Their music pulls from minimal atmospheric electro-pop ala 2010 Grimes. It’s guitar-driven pop that has a lot of fun with itself.

“My thought was to just keep it as minimal as possible and see how far we can take this thing without anybody else,” NAVVI’s guitarist Brad Boettger told The Sunbreak.

Check out two new singles from their new album; In Gold and Polychrome.

Otieno Terry

otieno terryWinner of the 2014 Experience Music Project’s SoundOff! Competition, Otieno Terry will be at LollaPLUza following his tour with previous LollaPLUza headliner, Sol.

His performance at the 2014 SoundOff! Competition was deservedly praised by The Seattle Times; “Terry […] produced an eclectic and soulful set that brought the audience along on its emotional ride. It’s a skill that, although young, Terry has already honed.” Here he is performing StarShip.

Listen to them before you go:

Check out our Spotify original LollaPLUza playlist below and share it with your friends – learn the words, dance along and get ready for the year’s best music festival!